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What are the technical guarantees ?

1° The service OfficeCopyright is based on a high level of safety and confidentiality :

. Secure data exchanges.
. Storage on remote secure servers.
. Electronic Timestamp (servers synchronisation by PKCS timestamp request on atomic clock and GPS).
. Unforgeable Digital Signature and receipt of the document.
. Registered at our official public notary.
. Secure access to your account and deposits.
. Online secure payment on our website.
2° Here is some information about timestamping and digital signature

In order to check and create the electronic time stamping, OfficeCopyright conform to IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) standards. This International Community of researchers and industrials claims and makes reliable Internet protocols and its uses.
Its standards and reasoning can be found on the IETF website.

You find below the standards we use for our applications :

Timestamps tokens: the timestamp service sends back a message under the standard format of cryptographic syntax based on the PKCS #7 version 1.5.IETF 2630.

Signature Content : the message contents the clock data of OfficeCopyright (atomic clock and GPS time) and the "message digest" of your document as defined in the timestamp protocol PKI x509. IETF 3161. Public keys: the public part of the signature key is available under the following certificate x.509. IETF 2459.

Digital fingerprint : a unique value computed from the original file to timestamp is generated by a Sha1 algorithm + MD5 function. These results, associated to a certain date provide the evidence that the document has not been modified (therefore is original) and can be used a proof. The combination of encryption, time stamping, digital signature, the real time deposition at the bailiff makes our system a strong and irrefutable mean for proving quickly and simply your paternity on any high value content (creative work, design, legal documents).


Digital signature: digital signature process based on signature keys which work like seal on a document; same idea as a handwritten signature.

Timestamp: This is a process that allows to define a certain time and dating when receiving an electronic document.

Secure payment by internet: Payment done under the protection of a process made to assure the confidentiality and the integrity of data.

Certification: Process which guarantees the identity of the sender and the addressee by certificate and certifies that the coming message is not changed or falsified.

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OfficeCopyright is independant of any National Intellectual Property Office, US copyright office and from Wipo (World Intellectual Property Organization). Our website allows users to have an anteriority proof for their copyrights. Registering at OfficeCopyright doesn't substitute for some deposits at national and international institutes to deliver property acts like brands or patents. Registering a copyright at OfficeCopyright allows you to bring a substantial proof of anteriority on your creative work in case of conflict.